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Maintenance Overview

Beating the heat in the summer with a dip in the pool is an experience nearly every person loves. Being a pool owner means understanding the costs and time involved in proper care and maintenance. There is often little time or resources to get this done on a regular basis. Sapphire Pools offers service and maintenance plans that are great for most budgets and will get your pool in great shape and help it stay that way.

Our Full Service Maintenance Includes:

  • Check Chemicals Weekly
    • Chlorine level
    • PH level
    • Alkalinity level
  • Keep pool/spa chemicals at optimal levels
  • Skim surface debris
  • Brush sides and steps
  • Hose Vacuum or Leaf Vacuum
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Empty pump baskets
  • Empty automatic pool cleaner bags
  • Check pool equipment for leaks/malfunctions
  • Full Water Analysis Quarterly
    • Calcium
    • Stabilizer
    • Salt
    • Total Dissolved Solids

Clean and Comfortable Pool Experience

Inviting friends and family to enjoy the pool over the warmer months is an expected activity, but it can be embarrassing if there is not time to keep the pool clean, free of debris and with the right mix of chemicals. It can make the experience of pool ownership more about stress and anxiety. Pool maintenance can be a time consuming task that takes more experience than you can offer. Sapphire Pools offers pool services that will ensure your summer is filled with a lot of fun splashing around in a clean and comfortable pool.

Filter Cleaning and Replacement

Pool filters need to be cleaned regularly and replaced at least every six months. We can provide regular cleaning to guarantee that you get the maximum value in the life of your filter. Sapphire Pools can backwash the filter quickly to make sure it is completely free of all dirt and sediment. Your water will stay cleaner longer. It will extend the life of your pump, saving on costly repairs.

Pool and Step Cleaning

A pool that is exposed to the outdoor elements will need cleaned frequently. The sides, bottom and steps need to be physically scrubbed from time to time. The top surface will need skimmed to remove, twigs, leaves, bugs and other floating debris. We are ready to handle all phases of pool cleaning, whether it is one-time or a scheduled routine maintenance. Our pool experts will make sure every part stays clean and in top shape. You can rest assured that your pool will be looking great and performing well at all times.

Pool Repair

We offer pool maintenance and pool services plans that cover most repairs needed after years of use. Sapphire Pools has trained professionals with years of experience in diagnosing problems and fixing them as cost-conservatively as possible. Do not let a simple repair issue take away your warm weather fun!

Vacuum Service and Automatic Cleaner Bags

A thorough cleaning of your pool includes vacuuming. Trying to operate a pool vacuum can seem awkward, but our experts will make sure it is done right. We can clean out any automatic cleaner bags that are set up so that they are able to catch all of the debris that clutters and makes the pool look less than inviting to use.

Water Circulation

Water circulation is vital to the overall good health of your pool. This is what creates a water flow that allows dirt and debris to get trapped within the filter and removed. Problems with good water circulation can mean a clogged filter or a pump in need of replacement or repair. Sapphire Pools will gte to the bottom of the problem and have it fixed at an affordable price.

Pool Chemical Experts

We offer service plans so that the chemicals in your pool are checked weekly for:

  • Chlorine levels
  • PH levels
  • Alkalinity levels

We will also provide a quarterly water analysis to check the amounts of:

  • Calcium
  • Stabilizer
  • Salt
  • Total dissolved Solids

Shock treatments are offered to keep the water clear and bright. The chemical composition of the water is where the true health of your pool resides. Use the expert advice of the professionals at Sapphire Pools to keep your pool in proper chemical balance this year.

Contact Sapphire Pools today to get the pool maintenance and pool services you need at a price that will keep your outdoor summer enjoyment rolling along!