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Trust Our Little Elm Pool and Spa Services

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Are you a pool or spa owner? Do you worry about the chlorine levels in your water? Investing in a state of the art pool test kit is an effective tool. However, trusting the pros at Sapphire Pools and Spas, located at 2473 Bridgeport Drive, right here in Little Elm, is a better way to ensure the safety of your pool or spa. Pool owners can always rely upon our qualified specialists and our top-rated Little Elm Pool and spa services.

A full service certified pool operator, servicing both Colin and Denton counties, we are open weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm to provide all your pool and spa needs. We know how important your pool and spa are to you. With that in mind, we strive to maintain appropriate chlorine levels and to ensure the safety of you and your family. Whether you want to enjoy a refreshing swim or relax in your spa, you can always count on us.

We want your experience with our company to be a rewarding one. By offering service packages that fit your schedule and budget we can do just that. From partial packages to full service packages we have them all. Each affords you the chemical tests necessary to ensure the safety of your pool or spa. With our superior Little Elm pool and spa services, you can be sure that you are getting the very best for your money.

At Sapphire Pools and Spas, we have been satisfying customers since 2010. Abiding by our simple mission statement of 100% customer satisfaction has been our primary goal for 7 years. Giving focus to our goal has earned us a noticeable spot on the charts as one of the best pool and spa service providers in all of Little Elm. Our customers are our #1 priority and we are proud to showcase this with our award winning marketplace presence.

Surely you are no stranger to the problems that can occur with your pool or spa. Trusting our top-rated Little Elm pool and spa services is one sure fire way of handling them all. Our skilled technicians will ensure your pool or spa is properly maintained at all times. Certainly we know what a significant investment it is. So why would you take chances with its overall health and safety? Whether you live in Colin County or Denton County we are definitely the team for you.

Imagine being without the comforting effects of your pool or spa? We’re sure you’d much rather not. Don’t wait for a problem to arise. Contact the professionals at Sapphire Pools and Spas today and choose the ideal service package for you. We are always here for you. Don’t delay. Contact us and schedule your free pool and spa consultation today!

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Proper Care and Maintenance of your Home Spa

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Surely there is no better way to wind down, and relax at the end of a long, hard day than by immersing yourself in your beautiful home spa. Certainly the stress you have to deal with in your career life can be overwhelming, but relaxing and enjoying the soothing bubbles in your hot tub is one sure fire way of making all that unwanted stress go away. Following a routine maintenance schedule, is important to the upkeep of your home spa and to keeping it looking beautiful, refreshed, and clean. The therapy you gain when immersed in your hot tub is something you do not want to lose out on, especially when you need it most, which is why it is so important to keep your hot tub in perfect condition so you are able to use it whenever the need arises.

One of the biggest concerns that come into play with your hot tub maintenance is the quality of the water. Here at Sapphire Pools and Spas we recommend you test the pH levels of your spa water each day before use. If you find that the reading does not fall within the appropriate 7.2-7.6 range, then it is necessary to add pH increaser if it is too low, or a pH decreaser if the reading is too high. Follow the instructions on the container closely in order to bring the water pH level balance to a healthy and safe level.

Another maintenance concern is that of hygiene. For the purposes of hygiene and for your overall safety it is highly recommended that you change the water in your hot tub at minimum every four months. In addition, you want to be certain to shock the water weekly with an oxidizing element. Each of these maintenance tasks is essential to the overall health and well-being of not only your home spa but your own health as well.

Further maintenance tips include cleaning the vinyl cover of your spa regularly. Typically it is a good practice to clean the cover each month with a specialized cleaner, making certain to wipe the cleaning solution off thoroughly. You may also want to clean the shell of your hot tub monthly as well, but be certain that you do not use harmful cleaning products, but rather specific cleaning products that are designed for the care and maintenance of hot tubs. Utilizing other household cleaning solutions or agents can certainly cause grave harm to your hot tub shell.

Another very important routine maintenance task is that of cleaning the filter cartridges. There are a variety of products you can use to accomplish this task, but here at Sapphire Pools and Spas we recommend the use of a spray cleaner for your filter cartridges. It is best to clean your filters monthly and we also advise that you have a spare set of filter cartridges always on hand so as to avoid any downtime with your home spa.

Finally, we also suggest that you clean and maintain your entire spa area or room, removing any type of dirt, grime or debris from the immediate area. You want to keep the air circulating in and out of your spa area or room and to maintain a fresh scent and aroma. Scented candles are always a great choice for adding a freshness to the air as well as a comforting and therapeutic atmosphere.

If you are, however, like many other home spa owners who simply do not have the time to maintain your hot tub, then surely you have come to the right place. Here at Sapphire Pools and Spas we are equipped to provide you with all the routine maintenance you need to keep your luxury spa up and running at all times. We offer a variety of maintenance service packages and are sure you will find the ideal package for your individual spa needs. Contact our professionals today and let us give you the peace of mind you need to know that whenever stress and a hectic pace are weighing you down, you can always count on the comfort and therapy of your home spa.






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What are the Overall Benefits of an At Home Spa?

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Modern hot tubs and spas are an incredible form of therapy. Though this is often looked upon as one of the greatest benefits of a hot tub or spa there are a number of other benefits to owning a comfy, cozy, relaxing spa. The professionals here at Sapphire Pools and Spas recommend the installation and frequent use of a therapeutic spa for a variety of reasons and also recommend the implementation of appropriate spa services for the maintenance of your spa as well.

The Many Benefits of your Spa

To begin with when you condition yourself to use your spa in the evening hours you are sure to find that it not only will contribute to a better night of sleep, but will also reduce stress and anxiety as well. An at home spa provides a means for the entire family to relax together while enjoying both pleasant conversation and the comforting sensations of the multiple spa jets. Certainly installing your own home spa will save you time and money typically spent when having to venture on out to the local spa and massage parlor.

Hot tubs and spas come in all sizes and the installation is typically quite easy which certainly helps when deciding on whether or not a home spa is ideal for you. Affordable and stylish, an at home spa is an ideal investment for purposes of entertainment and therapeutic relaxation. The various types of spas available come with a wide range of features allowing consumers to choose the spa and features that best suit their individual wants and needs.

With the state of the art, advanced technology available today, you can also control the settings, temperatures and even the jet flow of your spa from your smartphone which affords you the opportunity to warm up your spa water so it will be ready when you arrive home. Further quality features of an at home spa include various lighting options as well as creative and innovative styles and designs to choose from in your efforts to match your existing home décor. Many of today’s spas are not only affordable and easy to install, but truly provide spa owners with the resources needed at the end of every fast paced and hectic day to unwind, relax, and allow yourself to be pampered by the many attractive features your spa affords you.

Not only is the purchase and installation of your at home spa important, but the maintenance and care of your spa are every bit as important to its proper functioning. Here at Sapphire Pools and Spas our highly skilled and friendly spa technicians can develop and provide you with specialized routine spa services and a maintenance program necessary to maintain the appearance, health, and functionality of your valued investment.

All of our technicians are licensed and certified to provide a full range of spa services and look forward to every opportunity to provide our valued clients with our top of the line, quality services. Don’t let your busy schedule rob you of those precious moments of stress free relaxation by letting your spa maintenance go unattended. Instead, contact the specialists here at Sapphire Pools and Spas and let us put together and administer the perfect routine spa services and a specialized maintenance plan for you and your family.

There is nothing quite as rewarding as ending a stressful, nonstop day with a soothing, and remarkably comforting spa treatment right in your own home. Sapphire Pools and Spas – the answer to all your spa services and maintenance needs. Contact us today. We look forward to serving you and to providing you with superior spa services all year round.

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Great Gifts for Spa Owners

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Although the Christmas holiday is over, there are apt to be other occasions where you may need to buy a gift for the spa owners and spa lovers in your family. With that said, there is a wide range of accessories that surely come in handy for the average spa owner.

Great Spa Gift Ideas

Though the holidays are nearly over, the cold weather is not. When the weather outdoors is cold and you want to enjoy the comfort of your spa tub, a propane patio heater set up alongside your hot tub is every bit as enticing and comfortable as your spa itself. A very affordable gift and indeed a practical one, investing in a patio heater with adjustable flames will allow you to set the amount of heat wanted while basking in your hot tub on your patio or deck.

Another great gift idea is a unique towel warmer. Adding to your spa experience, a towel warmer houses two rolled up towels. You simply set them in the warmer, close the lid and turn it on. Again a very affordable gift that adds to your spa experience anyone would be pleased to be the recipient of this practical, one of a kind spa gift.

Yet another spa gift idea is a digital test strip reader. This digital reader makes it so much easier to test your spa and improves overall accuracy. In addition, with a digital reader, you can test your hot tub water as often as you like. This digital reader provides spa owners with their test results in just a mere 15 seconds displaying low and high indicators and storing the prior 9 test results as well. The digital reader is remarkably affordable and is an easy to use, easy to read strip that will benefit every spa owner.

Another fun gift idea is that of a Hot Tub “Rules” Sign. Both playful and important, a customized hot tub rules sign can include all sorts of whimsical sayings that are affiliated with indoor and outdoor spas. Anything from “wearing clothing is optional” to your family name followed by your own specialized hot tub rules is sure to make a ‘big splash’ with all your hot tub guests. A customized sign is not only affordable, but a simple yet stylish addition to your spa layout and is sure to drum up some conversation with family and friends alike.

Finally, a champagne bucket with LED lights is a spectacular spa gift for any spa owner. This delightful gift will keep your wine, champagne, or other cocktails, fresh and cold while the 24 different color lights cast a wonderful glow for all to enjoy. This bucket has multiple lighting and brightness settings and runs on batteries or solar charger. This is a must have for spa owners who delight in sharing cocktails while relaxing indoors or outdoors in their stylish hot tub spa.

The folks here at Sapphire Pools and Spas hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. We know that even when the holidays are over, there are still some gift giving occasions to be had which is why we have put together this practical and fun-filled list of gift ideas for spa owners. We take tremendous pride in providing the utmost in customer service and satisfaction to all our valued clients and want to remind you to reach out to our friendly professionals for all your hot tub spa needs. We are here to provide you with all the spa products and services you may need, whether winter, spring, summer or fall. At Sapphire Pools and Spas we are all about our clients’ happiness and satisfaction and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure both all year round. Wishes for a happy and healthy New Year from our pool and spa family to yours!

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The Perfect Christmas Gift – An Indoor Thermal Spa

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Christmas is that time of year when you buy that once in a lifetime special gift for your loving partner with all that money you have saved up all year. Though many men think the ideal gift for a cherished partner is some sort of expensive jeweler, we here at Sapphire Pools and Spas think we have a better gift giving idea for you. Why not buy her a truly relaxing, therapeutic and definitely a top-rated Christmas gift of a thermal indoor spa.

With the fast-paced lives we all live and the amount of stress that makes its way into people’s lives every day, wouldn’t it be the ideal, comforting and perfect gift to shower your loved one with an indoor thermal spa. Yes, a piece of jewelry is magnificent and something that can be cherished for sure, but an indoor thermal spa can afford your partner with hours of pure relaxation and comfort night after night, week after week.

Hours of relaxation, no stress, spa music playing softly and a delicate glass of wine – is there any better way to end a long, hard day? And the true pleasure of it all is the simple fact that your thermal spa will comfortably seat two people or four, depending on your choice, which means you get to partake in hours of relaxation and therapy right along with your special partner.

A Gift That Can Be Used Over and Over Again

Surely a fine piece of jewelry is a spectacular Christmas gift, but certainly you can imagine the pure delight and surprise when you make your Christmas gift giving this year a memory that is not to be forgotten. There is a wide range of indoor thermal spas that you can choose from at prices that are practical and affordable. In addition, you can choose the style that suits your individual needs best, the number of seats and the design of the seats as well, and what type of cover satisfies your taste. Purchasing a thermal spa will certainly be a gift that will not only be appreciated on that beautiful Christmas Eve, but will be appreciated and valued night after night, year after year.

Christmas and the holidays are truly a joyous and special time of year. If you are like so many other people who dream about buying that ideal, one of a kind, “never to forget” Christmas gift that can be used and appreciated over and over again, then an indoor thermal spa may be the perfect gift to choose.

Professional Spa Services at Affordable Prices

Here at Sapphire Pools and Spas we are all about our clients, old and new. We are committed and dedicated to providing our top of the line pool and spa services to all our valued clients. If you find purchasing a thermal spa this Christmas is an ideal gift for your loved one, then the experts here at Sapphire Pools and Spas can provide you with all the spa maintenance you may need. We deliver top-rated spa services to all our valued clients and have been recognized time and time again for our superior customer service and attractive and affordable spa package prices as well.

Go ahead and surprise your partner this holiday season with the gift of a lifetime and know that all your spa maintenance needs can be provided by the friendly and experienced technicians here at Sapphire Pools and Spas. We pride ourselves on delivering services that are unmatched and will certainly take excellent care of your unforgettable Christmas Holiday gift. We look forward to serving you and send along wishes from our little family to yours for a safe and Merry Christmas and Holiday season.

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How to Relax in Your Hot Tub

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In this fast paced world we all live in with the many challenges we are faced with every single day, is it any wonder that we all experience stress. Whether driving in and getting stuck in traffic, dealing with work related pressures, struggling with financial difficulties or just having far too much to do in the course of every day, stress is a big part of nearly everybody’s life. With that said, there are a handful of ways to minimize and control the negative effects of stress and surely the benefits of hydrotherapy and quality time immersed in a hot, relaxing spa is an ideal way to accomplish this task.

Though relaxing in a hot tub is in and of itself a remarkably relaxing therapy for many, combining your spa time with some quality meditation will provide you with even greater relief from everyday stress. The experts here at Sapphire Pools and Spas are committed and dedicated to providing all our clients with top of the line services needed, including insight and advice on how to make the best of their at home hot tubs and spas. With that said, we thought our clients would enjoy some essential tips on how to achieve and enjoy deeper hot tub relaxation and meditation in the comfort of their own homes and hot tubs.

Tips for Greater Hot Tub Relaxation

To find even greater pleasure and comfort in your at home spa, begin by setting the mood. The perfect ambiance and serene atmosphere is critical to your successful mediation and relaxation. Perhaps you can set up some soft, scented candles, or aromatherapy candles that have calming scents like jasmine, and sandalwood to name just a couple. Then it’s time to choose and play the perfect soft music, such as classical or instrumental music or even choose to play the soothing sounds of nature to whisk yourself off to an ocean, beach, forest or rainstorm.

relax-in-jacuzziThe next healthy tip we suggest is that of getting yourself completely comfortable. Comfort is an extremely important element of mediation. Make certain that your spa is set at a temperature that is suitable to your individual likes. We here at Sapphire Pools and Spas suggest temperatures between 90 and 100 degrees that will definitely keep you warm but not cause you to feel overheated. Then determine the ideal setting of your Jacuzzi jets, typically a circulation cycle or low jets is appropriate for this scenario. Choose your favorite spa seat, adjust your head pillows to the ideal height and now you are all set to start your relaxing de-stress spa meditation.

Once you begin your spa, start out by breathing slow and deep and concentrate on all your surroundings and every part of your mind and body. Take note of your body immersed in the hot, soothing water, while listening to the gentle sounds of nature or music. Stay focused on your breathing so as to keep yourself in the present scenario. By relaxing and staying focused you will find yourself feeling ever so peaceful and completely satisfied in just a short span of time.

When starting out with your new spa meditation sessions, begin with 10 minute intervals so as to acquaint your mind and body with your new, serene surroundings and experience a truly quality session. Work your way up to longer sessions over time, but do not rush the length of your sessions. Take your time and bask in your newfound at home therapy. Meditation provides your body with an ideal opportunity to rest, relax and restore itself to a comfortable, healthy state. You will find that meditating right at home in your own home spa will allow you to enjoy and experience the overall power of a clear mind and ultimately serenity and tranquility as well.

We hope you will take advantage of our spa meditation tips and learn to enjoy the tranquil feelings that your hot tub combined with the right elements can surely afford you. And don’t forget – if you are in need of spa services for your home hot tub, reach out to the expert teams here at Sapphire Pools and Spas for all your spa needs. We are all about our clients and about their overall health and well being and, as always look forward to serving you.

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Your Home Spa – Perfect Relaxation and Sore Muscle Relief

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It doesn’t matter is you’re an athlete, a body builder, a caregiver or just an average everyday Joe, we all encounter stress, frustration, and a lot of sore muscles and pain every day. We are all in constant search of the ideal product to alleviate our muscle and body aches and contribute to reduced stress and worry in our lives. Though there are many products on the market today, including massages, creams, ointments, oils, and even organic pills that help to reduce stress, pain and muscle soreness, there is nothing quite as effective and comforting as a personal home spa.

Top of the Line Services for your Home Spa at Affordable Prices

At Sapphire Pools and Spas, our technicians are committed and dedicated to providing clients top of the line services for the maintenance of their home spas. We recognize how valuable an investment your home spa is, not just monetarily, but a personal investment in your own personal well-being and your overall health.

Having earned ourselves a place at the top of the charts as your go to company for all your pool and spa needs, the team here at Sapphire Pools and Spas strive to deliver services that are truly unmatched. Offering our superior spa maintenance packages at prices that are every bit as comforting as the spa itself, we feel confident that all our clients, old and new, will find the utmost in satisfaction with not only our professional services, but our highly skilled and friendly technicians as well.

Our full and partial service plans meet with individual budgets while still providing all the maintenance and care needed to keep your spa running smoothly and effectively. You want your spa to be your safe haven in the world when life’s fast pace and endless challenges catch up to you. There is nothing quite as relaxing, comforting and rewarding than finding yourself sitting in a sparkling, incredibly hot spa with hundreds of bubbling jets to soothe your every ache and pain.

How accommodating and comfortable it is to have your spa maintained by the professionals here at Sapphire Pools and Spas so as to allow you all the time needed to bask in the heat and massaging jets of your spa without having to dedicate time and efforts to its maintenance. Our highly trained team of pool experts is ready, willing and able to provide you with all your home spa maintenance and service needs all year round.

If you are like so many other people with schedules that are nonstop, stress and tension that are immeasurable, and aching muscles that just tend to weigh you down, then it’s time to take advantage of the perfectly hot water temperatures and the massaging actions of the multiple jets in your home spa. Let the water and jets relax you and work the stress and tension out of those aching muscles and let our technicians take care of all your spa service and maintenance needs and alleviate the responsibility and even the stress of performing maintenance on your own.

We here at Sapphire Pools and Spas are proud of our professional team, effective service and maintenance plans, our superior customer service and our very affordable prices. Contact us today and let us help take away some of that stress in your life. Life is filled with stress, tension, frustration and an endless laundry list of daily tasks and appointments that keep us constantly on the go. We are here to take care of all your home spa needs. A healthy mind and body is critical to a happy life so why not give your body and mind a break and make spa time a part of your every day and leave the maintenance up to us!!

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