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Getting Into the Spirit with a Halloween Pool Party

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With fall upon us and Halloween just around the corner, why not host a fun-filled, extraordinary Halloween pool party. Temperatures are still somewhat comfortable here in the Forth Worth and surrounding areas, making this festive event one that can truly mark your Halloween celebration with family and friends.

Gathering together, partying and sharing fun and laughs with family and friends is always a memory in the making, but how unique and ‘thrilling’ it would be to gather, party and share frightful memories at Halloween time right in and around your pool and create chilling stories you can talk about and share over and over again.


Swimming season typically is over in the October months, but not here in the Fort Worth area. So why not put together some exciting, unique themed decorations and lighting to go around your pool and host yourself a fun-filled, spooky Halloween pool party. Throw in some super scary snacks and treats and a party mix of fun music and you have yourself a Halloween party that will keep your guests talking for months after the event.

Decorating your pool for your Halloween festivities is sure to put you and all your guests right in the spirit of the season. You can begin by purchasing carvable pumpkins that are made out of a low density foam, cut out scary faces, place a small tea candle inside and float them in your pool. In addition, get some plastic witches hats that will also float easily in the pool and add to your frightful decorations.

Next, buy a few skeletons and lay them on the lounge chairs around your pool and perhaps even place one of them atop your pool float amidst the pumpkins and witches hats. Floating these scary little decorations in your pool will amaze all your guests and certainly get everyone in the ‘spirit.’ And to put some finishing touches on your water decorations and put the fright into all your guests, die the pool water red with a non-toxic pool dye that will filter out in just a matter of days and will not, in any way, stain your pool.

With all your water decorations in place, why not add some more fear and fright to your décor with a variety of Halloween store props, including severed heads, large plastic spiders, graves, ghosts and goblins and let’s not forget the fog machine that will create that ghostly foggy presence to the surface of the pool water and to the grounds all around it. Surely all your guests, regardless of age, will find delight and fright in all your creative Halloween decorations and share in all the thrills, frights, and fun.


Be creative. Everybody loves punch at a party so make any type of punch that you would typically make, and then carve some apples, soak them in lemon juice and bake them for a few moments, giving them a very scary shriveled up look and place them afloat in your punch bowl. They will appear to look very much like frightful shrunken heads.

Then take crescent dough and cut it into strips. Place cocktail size wieners into the cut dough and wrap the dogs in a criss-cross manner. Bake them in the oven, allow them to cool and then make eyes on your little ‘mummies in a basket’ with either ketchup or mustard. You can also make little mummy pizzas, and don’t forget the witches brew.

When all is said and done its time now to pick the perfect music mix for your Halloween pool party and don’t forget to include “Helter Skelter” by the Beatles!!

The luxury of your pool surely affords you a means of relaxation and therapy, but why not take advantage of this unique party setting and entertain your family and friends this Halloween.


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