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Caring for Your Vinyl Pool Liner

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Pool owners know very well that the vinyl liner in their swimming pool is every bit durable, beautiful, and definitely designed to last for several years. This does not mean, however, that your vinyl pool liner does not need to be properly cared for and maintained in order to extend its life expectancy, contribute to its functionality, and get the best return on your important investment. The time and effort needed to maintain a vinyl pool liner and keep it looking like new is quite minimal.

However, if you find you simply haven’t the time to perform the simple acts necessary to maintain your pool liner, then that is where the professionals here at Sapphire Pools and Spas come in. Our professionals are ready, willing and able to provide all our valued clients with all their pool needs and that includes the care and maintenance of their vinyl pool liner.

For those pool owners who elect to care for and maintain their own pool liners, we have some easy to follow steps for you.

Brush your Liner

First, in order to keep all types of dirt and debris as well as chemicals that do not dissolve from building up on your liner, take a soft bristle brush and gently brush the surface of your liner. We highly suggest you perform this simple task at minimum, once per week.

Protect the Liner from Chemicals

Next, when adding chemicals to your pool water in your efforts to keep the water balanced, be certain you keep the chemicals from coming in contact with your liner. We suggest you fully dissolve your shock or chlorine in some type of a container or bucket before adding it to your pool water. In this way, the chemical crystals will not end up on the liner.

If you find that your pool water is not balanced, then surely you want to remedy this problem since it can have a negative impact on the liner such as wrinkling, puckering, calcium scaling and even lessened lifespan. With that said, it is important to maintain appropriate water chemistry in your pool water.

Never Completely Empty Your Pool

Most pool owners are unaware of the fact that if they completely empty their pools the liner can shrink and even crack. There may be an occasion from time to time when you need to drain some of the water from your pool, which is understandable. However, make certain when doing so that you do not drain more than half of the total amount of water so as to protect the integrity and health of your liner.

Protect the Waterline

Another important maintenance task is to invest in an effective pool liner cleaning solution that can be used when dirt and other soils start to build up at the waterline. This solution will rid the liner of any dirt and soil and will also protect the liner from the dangerous rays of the sun. Taking proper care of the waterline will avoid any staining problems as well.

Choose your Pool Toys Wisely

Pool owners should also be certain to avoid the use of any toys that are not pool safe since they can easily puncture or tear a hole in the liner. There are a wide range of pool toys available on the market so make certain you are only investing in appropriate toys for your pool.

Wrinkle, Wrinkles, Wrinkles

Another important part of your vinyl pool liner maintenance is that of keeping wrinkles away. If there are wrinkles present you can push the edge of the wrinkles toward the wall of the pool or perhaps walk along the floor of the pool with soft pool shoes and spread the wrinkles with your feet. You can also warm the water in your pool by boosting up the heater slightly which will help remove wrinkles easily. You can even use a plunger. In most cases, however, problems with wrinkles in a vinyl pool liner typically require the ‘know how’ of a pool professional which again, is where the experts at Sapphire Pools and Spas come in.

The Pros Here at Sapphire Pools and Spas

Whatever your pool needs may be, we are definitely the company for you. If you have a problem with wrinkles in your liner, a water balance problem, issues with your pool chemicals or, simply haven’t the time to maintain your pool then don’t wait a moment longer. Contact one of our consultants and we will help you choose the ideal pool maintenance package for you. We here at Sapphire Pools and Spas want all our valued clients to get the very best and the most out of their pool investment and be able to enjoy abundant summer activities with all their family and friends without any interruption.

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Tips for the Perfect End-Of-Summer Pool Party

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With Summer upon us, have you thought of throwing a pool party with family and friends to celebrate the remaining hot, sun shiny days? Well the folks here at Sapphire Pools want to help. To start with, since the temperatures in the summer months can be so incredibly hot and even uncomfortable throwing a pool party is a fantastic event. Surely you want your pool party to be an event that everyone remembers and one that everyone talks about long after the partying is over. With that said, we here at Sapphire Pools got your back and have some pretty important and ‘cool’ pool party tips to offer, including proper pool maintenance as well.

First and foremost, when it comes to efficient pool maintenance, you want to be certain that the chemicals in your pool are balanced, the water is clean and safe, and that all your pool equipment is working properly. With that said, choosing one of our service plans here at Sapphire Pools and Spas that is fitting to your individual needs and fitting to the size and style of your pool will ensure that your pool is properly functioning, your pool maintenance equipment working effectively and efficiently and that your water is absolutely safe for swimming, all of which are necessary when hosting the perfect summer pool party.

Once our technicians have tested your pool’s water and chemical levels and have made certain that everything is in proper working order, then it’s time to give focus to some simple but useful pool party tips. For starters, decorating is an absolute must. Decorative napkins, plates, ribbons, streamers, balloons and anything else that may tickle your fancy should be included in your party atmosphere. If you are going to set up tables, a centerpiece on each table would be a nice added touch and serving fun foods that are even colorful will add to the special event.

Stocking up on all your guests’ favorite beverages such as punches, lemonades, ice teas, juices, cocktails, and of course, plenty of water, is essential to a happy, healthy and safe pool party. People can be quite picky about their refreshments and beverages so be sure to cover all the bases. Make certain you have water easily accessible by the pool so that none of your guests get dehydrated whether you have ice buckets filled with cold water bottles or even plastic pitchers of cold water readily available to pour.

We also suggest you keep some sunscreen by the pool and make an honest effort to remind your guests to apply the sunscreen often and to avoid the harmful rays of the sun. You may even want to have some extra towels on hand in case someone mindlessly forget theirs. Oh, and don’t forget the music. Music is one of the most important elements of any great party and that includes your pool party as well. Just be certain to choose music that is pleasing to all your guests.

Lastly, make certain you have adequate lighting for your pool party. Try to avoid overhead lighting or florescent lighting since both can be quite dangerous near a pool. The use of candles and lamps will provide an adequate glowing light as will flameless battery operated candles.

We hope you find these tips useful when hosting your summer pool party and remember, when it comes to proper pool maintenance and service of your above ground or in ground pool, reach out to the professionals here at Sapphire Pools and Spas. Let us take care of your pool needs so you can have more quality time enjoying the hot summer days and nights partying with family and friends.

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