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Important Summer Swimming Pool Safety Tips

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Most of us will agree that during the hot, scorching summer months there is not a better and more fun filled way to cool down than by taking a dip and relaxing swim in your own backyard swimming pool. Though pools are looked upon as a summer luxury by many and quite easy to use and enjoy, they also come with a great deal of responsibility as well. Statistics have shown that nearly 200 young children drown in family backyard swimming pools each and every year. With that said, parents and pool owners should take necessary steps to keep their backyard pool safe for children, the elderly and all your other swimming guests this year with the following pool safety tips from Sapphire Pools.

Here at Sapphire Pools and Spas we want to take time to share some important pool safety tips with all our valued clients. We are committed and dedicated to the well-being and safety of all our clients and think it’s important to share these life saving tips with you.

To begin with, pool owners should be sure to secure their pool when it is not in active use. The best means of doing so, and in many states required to do, is by installing a fence or some type of barrier that stands at minimum four feet tall all around your pool and be certain that it has a self-closing gate as well. This will ensure that children are not able to access the pool or the pool area without proper supervision.

Our next important pool safety tip is to supervise and watch children at all times. It is mandatory that parents or care providers stay within arm’s reach of very young children when in or around water and to ensure that children have a life jacket on at all times. When you are celebrating summer parties and activities, it is important that you assign at least one adult to keep close watch on all swimmers and be certain that children are not swimming alone at any time.   Just as you would appoint a designated driver on a night out on the town with drinks and partying, so you should also assign a designated babysitter for any and all pool activities.

We further advise that you limit diving in backyard pools since statistics have further proven that many deaths and critical permanent injuries result from diving in pools that are not typically designed for such activities. In addition, limiting running and all types of horse play by the pool will certainly contribute to the safety of all swimmers as well. Posting a sign for all your swimming guests that reflects your specific pool rules, as well as any emergency instructions should an accident of any sort occur, is highly recommended.

The folks here at Sapphire Pools and Spas want to remind everyone that simply because you have installed an above ground or in ground pool in your backyard does not mean that everyone all of a sudden knows how to swim or swim well. If someone is not a good swimmer or simply does not know how to swim at all, now may be the best time to invest in those swimming lessons for the safety of all your family members.

Nowadays there are a variety of pool security alarms, systems and gadgets that are available that you may find useful for your family. If you have little children you may find it beneficial to own a wearable sensor device that will send an alert to your smartphone in the event that someone is struggling in the water or even drowning. These digital sensors operate in all types of water including your backyard pool, spas, rivers, and even in the ocean.

Finally, we strongly encourage pool owners to maintain proper chemical levels in their pools, proper circulation and filtration of water and perform regular testing of all your backyard pool chemicals so as to ensure the health and safety of all your family and friends. Keep in mind should you choose to invest in professional pool services, then surely the experts here at Sapphire Pools and Spas are ready, willing and able to accommodate all your pool service needs. Take a moment to peruse through our website and learn more about our company, our services, our products, our teams and our very affordable prices.

Summer is meant to be an exciting time of year filled with lots of fun and recreational activities. Don’t take chances with your backyard pool. Follow these helpful safety tips we have provided above and ensure that your family and friends can fully enjoy your backyard pool and all your summer activities this year and every year thereafter.

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Avoid Common Pool Mistakes By Hiring the Professionals at Sapphire Pools and Spas

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As pool owners, we all know the number of problems that can come up that require maintenance, repairs and service, or even replacement of pool equipment and surely we know how costly they can be. As a pool owner, it is very important to maintain your pool throughout the year, especially your pool is open year round. Many pool owners find themselves faced with simple mistakes that result in damage to the pool itself, the pool equipment and even the overall safety of the pool water. With that said, the professionals here at Sapphire Pools and Spas want to offer all our valued clients insight to some of the most common pool mistakes made.

For starters, many pool owners don’t understand that it is important not to drain more than a third of your water from the pool since doing so can cause your vinyl liner to either shrink or dry out. When this happens, there is no other solution than to replace your pool liner and surely we all know how challenging and time consuming a task that can be and indeed how costly it can be as well. Further common mistakes include failure to monitor your pool throughout the entire season. This simply means that though you took all the typical required first steps to open your pool for the season, it is important that you maintain your pool and all its equipment regularly. From water testing, which should be performed weekly and adding the appropriate amount of chlorine to balancing out the pH in your pool, maintaining your pool water will ensure clean, safe and clear water all season long.

Yet another common mistake that pool owners fall prey to is choosing to turn off your pool pump. Pool water can breed lots of bacteria and when you turn your pump off and there is no water flowing your filter is not able to perform its job of keeping the water from settling and causing bacteria to grow. For this very reason, it is critical that you keep your pool pump running. Sunlight plays a big role in the formation of bacteria in pool water and in the midst of the hot summer months the experts here at Sapphire Pools and Spas want you to be certain to keep the water flowing in your pool in order to ensure that excessive bacteria is not allowed to grow.

Finally, though pool owners delight in the comfort, relaxation and beauty of their home swimming pool, many owners fail to give appropriate attention to their pool filter. Ignoring your pool filter can certainly lead to some serious problems. It is mandatory that you keep your filter clean at all times. You should typically clean your filter when the gauge on the filter goes above your filter’s typical ‘clean’ PSI reading.   Neglecting your pool filter can definitely lead to more costly problems and repairs over time.

Summer is such a favored time of year for so many, and indeed those pool owners who are fortunate enough to keep their pools open year round, it is understandable why avoiding the above mentioned simple mistakes will not only save your money but, over time, prolong the life expectancy of your pool as well. If you are like so many other pool owners who simply do not have enough hours in a day to properly maintain your pool and find yourself guilty of these common pool mistakes, then give a call out to the highly skilled and qualified pool technicians here at Sapphire Pools and Spas and let our team of experts provide you with all the service and maintenance your pool needs.

Summer is meant to be a time of fun and relaxation and surely our professional technicians will ensure you and your family do just that – have fun and relax all season long.


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