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Sapphire Pools and Spas for all your Pool Maintenance and Safety Needs

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Pool owners need to be concerned about ongoing safety and pool maintenance of their swimming pools. Both pool maintenance and pool safety play an important role in not only the overall appearance and value of your pool, but in the life expectancy and the safety of your pool as well. Pool owners want to keep their pools clean, safe and healthy for swimming at all times, but surely this important task takes a great deal of time, effort, chemicals and equipment.

Here at Sapphire Pools and Spas our licensed and certified technicians are highly skilled and experienced in handling and working with pool chemicals and equipment. They use their high levels of expertise to combat any dangers or problems that may be present and are very knowledgeable when it comes to potential hidden dangers that can exist in your swimming pool that can cause health concerns for your family and friends.

We take into consider the many potential substances or situations that can cause concern for pool owners from muriatic acid and chlorine content to vacuum ports, drain suction and even exposed wires or GFCI outlets. We are committed and dedicated to providing all our valued clients with our top of the line pool services as well as our methods and techniques for performing safety pool repairs that are necessary to maintain the overall structure and health of your pool.

The risks and potential dangers are varied for pool owners. Muriatic acid, for instance, is highly corrosive and can cause serious harm if it comes into contact with your skin or if it is inhaled. The proper use of this substance is essential to the safety and well-being of all you and all your swimming pool guests.

Chlorine is also a powerful substance that can present quite a few dangers as well. You never want to inhale the fumes of chlorine or allow it to get into your eyes or your mouth. Proper levels of chlorine in your pool water are essential to your health and safety as well. In addition, it is important to take safety steps when storing your chemicals as well, making certain that any storage area you have is well ventilated and that chemicals are not stored anywhere near to a heat source.

The professionals here at Sapphire Pools and Spas also want our clients to be aware of the importance of a properly functioning main drain suction system. One of our gravest concerns is that pool owners do not recognize the need for a drain cover so as to prevent anyone from covering the suction drain and becoming trapped under the water. Our teams will inspect your covers, if you already have them in use, and make certain that they are not outdated or worn out. As a pool owner, we want you to be aware of the importance of an updated drain cover and are here to assist with these specialized needs as well.

Further pool repairs we can assist with include the maintenance of your vacuum ports. These ports are typically located in your skimmer basket or on the wall of your pool and can present with similar dangers as those of your main drain suction system.

Finally, when we come out to your home to perform maintenance or pool repairs we dedicate focus to the GFCI outlets and any electrical wires nearby. Your pool system runs on electricity as we all know, and because your pool is intended to be a delightful source for entertainment we want to be certain that there are no dangers or hazards with regard to your pool set up. We will confirm that any outlets you have by your pool are GFCI outlets which serve to trip and cut power when and if a line is ever exposed to water. When we are performing repairs to your pool or pool system, our technicians will cut the power to the pool until all repairs are completed. While performing any repair or maintenance to your pool, we will confirm that all wires are properly insulated and in good shape as well.

Your pool is intended to be a place of fun, relaxation and entertainment which is why the professionals here at Sapphire Pools and Spas want to be certain to remove any risks that may be present. Our technicians are trained to handle all types of situations with all types of pools, and are committed and dedicated to keeping your pool water clear, clean, safe and healthy. Contact us for all your pool repairs and pool maintenance needs. We look forward to serving you today and every day.

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