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In Ground and Above Ground Swimming Pool Equipment

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Many pool owners often find themselves faced with confusing issues about swimming pool equipment. Often the issue is whether or not, when buying expensive swimming pool equipment, the equipment is interchangeable. The primary difference between in ground and above ground pool equipment is basically size. In ground pool equipment is developed to handle much larger volumes of water at much higher flow rates than that of above ground equipment. Another obvious difference between the two is most definitely price. Above ground swimming pool equipment is much lower than that of in ground equipment.

The most common categories for swimming pool equipment are pumps, filters, and pool cleaners. The folks here at Sapphire Pools and Spas are committed to providing all our valued clients with quality services and products, and that includes insight we can afford them on various swimming pool products and equipment to help with their everyday maintenance and care of their pools. With that said we offer the following comparisons of in ground and above ground pool equipment.

Pool Pumps – the primary difference between the in ground (IG) and above ground (AG) pumps is that the in ground is a self priming pump where the above ground is not. A second difference is that of flow rate. AG pumps are designed and developed to produce flow rates of 30 to 60 gpm where the IG pump produces near to 75-150 gpm and both pumps should turn over all of the water every 8-10 hours. Therefore, it is possible to use an AG pool pump on an IG pool so long as the pump is at or below the pool’s water level and is able to turn over all the water in the 8-10 hours necessary.

Pool Filters – the main difference again is in the size. It is important that your pool filter be properly sized for your pool and to your pump flow rate as well. When thinking about size it is always better to have a pool filter that is over sized rather than one that is undersized. With this, again, it is okay to use an AG filter on an IG pool so long as it is matched in size to the pool’s pump and can produce a sufficient flow rate to turn over the water in the required 8-10 hours.

Pool Cleaners – Above ground pool cleaners have no need to climb the walls of the pool, or even to navigate about complex curves, deep ends or steps where the in ground cleaner must be able to accomplish these tasks. AG cleaners, whether suction or pressure pool cleaners, are of a simpler design with shorter hoses and cords since they are made to operate with less of a water flow where the in ground cleaners are a bit more complicated. In addition, there are robotic cleaners available for both styles of pools, but surely the AG models are less powerful than the IG models. There really is no major issue with using an AG cleaner on an IG pool except for the fact that it won’t be able to climb the walls and may get stuck in the deep end because it lacks enough power. So if you wanted to use an AG cleaner with an IG pool you can but the overall results will not be the same.

Basically, all swimming pool equipment has a design flow rate, and pushing too much water, too quickly through the equipment can cause it to break and not perform as well as needed. In addition, it is important to recognize that typically all swimming pool equipment comes with some type of warranty and if you are not using it properly or in a properly sized pool any warranty claims you may file will probably be denied.

If you are in need of any type of pool maintenance, or perhaps you are looking to contract a team of professional pool technicians to implement a routine pool maintenance program for you and take care of all your cleaning and maintenance needs, then surely the professionals here at Sapphire Pools and Spas are the ideal team for you. Give a shout out to us today and let us put an appropriate pool maintenance service program in place for you. Why waste valuable time maintaining your pool when we can do it for you? Contact us today. We look forward to providing you with our top of the line swimming pool services at prices you will find quite affordable.

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